August 2017 HME Business

August 2017


Software Interoperability

Products & Technology

Software Interoperability's Inroads in HME

By Joseph Duffy

HME software companies are helping providers to increasingly enjoy the benefits of healthcare interoperability.


Business Solutions

Compression – Thinking Outside the Socks

By Joseph Duffy

Success as an HME compression provider takes commitment, education and an understanding that there is more to compression beyond the feet.

Bath Safety

Products & Technology

The Bath Safety Rethink

By Holly J. Wagner

Meet the new face of bath safety. It's focused on fashion and retail appeal — and nowhere near the 'bent metal' days of yesterday. Best of all, with the right marketing and merchandising, it can put a shine on your bottom line.

Marketing Orthopedics

Business Solutions

The Art of Marketing Orthopedics

By Joseph Duffy

The number of ailments and susceptible population segments aided by orthopedic soft goods has created ample marketing opportunities for HME providers.


Observation Deck

Counting the Troubling Numbers

By Tom Ryan

Declining provider numbers pose a threat to patients, caregivers & clinicians. What's the right strategy for the industry to combat this?

Provider Strategy

Approving PASH

By Seth Johnson

Power adjustable seat height for mobility users is not only 'medical,' but it is also predominantly 'funded.'

David Kopf

Editor's Note

Caring for Caregivers

By David Kopf

Hawaii is taking a unique approach to helping caregivers help HME patients — and it just might wind up benefitting providers.


Interoperability -- One on one with Chris Kinard

By Joseph Duffy

IT systems are getting connected across healthcare. LifeH2H's Kinard gives an provider's-eye view on how it will impact and benefit HME businesses.

Celebrate the Temporary

By Holly J. Wagner

Suction bath aids are showing up in some unexpected places.

William Repicci

Questions about Lymphedema?

By Joseph Duffy

As president and CEO of the Lymphatic Education and Research Network William Repicci wants to ensure patients and providers have all information on lymphedema, lipedema and lymphatic or venous disease that they need.

Product Solutions

Portable Oxygen

By Sydny Shepard

Portable oxygen systems have revolutionized long-term oxygen therapy both for patients and providers. We look at some of the latest systems on the market.

Making a Splash with Bath Aids

By Holly J. Wagner

The marketing and merchandising of bath safety is critical to success.

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