January 2017 HME Business

January 2017


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Products & Technology

Continuous, Connected Care

By David Kopf

We have seen the ways remote patient monitoring has changed sleep therapy care, outcomes, and business models. What does this mean in terms of providers’ ability to improve care and outcomes? How will that benefit their referral partner relationships? What are the technology trends that will make it happen? What other HME segments might see increased monitoring? Diabetes? Oxygen?

Key trends building the HME industry

Business Solutions

Taking Shape

By David Kopf

Every January, we project 10 key market, product, technology, reimbursement, regulatory, legislative, or patient care trends that will impact providers over the next 12 months. This year brings competitive bidding’s continued impact, audits, providers’ continued efforts to diversify and even reinvent their businesses, and more.


David Kopf

Editor's Note:

HME’s Next Chapter?

By David Kopf

The coming year will bring an entirely new political landscape for the industry. I'm not sure how it'll unfold, but it has to be better than the last few years.

Observation Deck

Independence Day for DME

By John Gallagher

As the 115th Congress begins and the inauguration approaches, one thing is clear: Congress and the President-elect will address regulations hurting DME.


AirFit 20

Product Spotlight

Finding the Right Fit

By David Kopf

ResMed's AirFit 20 mask series aims to ensure that sleep patients find the kind of comfort that lets them rest easy.

Product Solutions


Compression helps providers drive new cash revenue through existing patients, while reaching new markets. What are some of the latest offerings?

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