November 2016 HME Business

November 2016


Orthopedic Retail Opportunities

Products & Technology

Exploring Orthopedic Opportunities

By David Kopf

Orthopedic softgoods are needed by a variety of patients, and those products offer a solid blend of both funded and retail revenue. What are the key patient groups, their needs and the products that serve them? Also how can providers plan and build their orthopedic businesses to ensure continued, long-term success? What assets make for the best approach?

HME Patient Data Management

Products & Technology

Crunching the Numbers

By David Kopf

Now that HME-specific IT solutions are the norm when it comes to managing HME businesses, providers have started to amass a considerable amount of patient information. How can HME providers use that information and the reporting tools offered by their software systems to work with referral partners to help drive improved outcomes?


Observation Deck

Investing in the Right Technology

By Rob Boeye

ERP software helps providers drive efficiency, but what’s it worth to you?

Editor's Note

2016's Last Best Shot

By David Kopf

HME will push the 114th one last time for rural bid relief. Can we make a lame duck fly?

Provider Strategy

Improving Referral Management

By Ellen Sluder

Technology can decrease errors, improve response time, ensure compliance and grow your pipeline.


Product Solutions


By David Kopf

While competitive bidding has slashed diabetes funding, it still represents a key market for providers. We look at some recent offerings on the market.

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