April 2016 HME Business

April 2016



Business Solutions

Keeping Watch on Audits

By David Kopf

Audits continue to play an unsavory role in the day-today lives of HME providers, and that role is one that is constantly shifting as HHS and its contractors emphasize different aspects of their program integrity efforts. We look at coming and developing trends in audits, and ask the experts how providers should plan and prepare.

Point of Sale

Business Solutions

The Power of the Point of Sale

By David Kopf

The point of sale — where the customer makes the actual transaction — represents a critical element in retail sales. The point of sale completes the retail sales experience; it reinforces the customer-provider relationship; and it even acts a silent salesperson. What goes into creating an effective point of sale, and how can HME businesses ensure that their point of sale ties into the whole business?


Observation Deck

A Big Year for Audit Contractors

By Wayne van Halem

Providers will interact with a variety of Medicare audit contractors in 2016.

Provider Strategy

Sleep Therapy's Secret Weapon

By Jana Macon

How sleep providers can use data to improve therapeutic outcomes and operational excellence.

Editor's Note

Fuel for the Boom

By David Kopf

How well do you understand Baby Boomers' unique HME needs?


Accreditation and Audits

Two accreditation experts discuss the relationship between accreditation and audits.

Problem Solvers

Zeroing in on Mattress Quality

By David Kopf

Reimbursement cuts have put pressure on support surface prices, but where does quality come into the equation? How can providers pick carefully?

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