HME Business February 2016

February 2016


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Making Connections

By David Kopf

The push for outcomes-oriented care has driven the various health professionals involved in a patient's care to work together more efficiently. A key way to facilitate that has been improved communications between their IT systems. Now that push for interoperability is finding its way to HME. How should providers prepare, and how can they benefit?

Retail Sales

Business Solutions

Retail Sales: From Patients to Clients

By Joseph Duffy

Cash sales are becoming integral in enhancing and expanding providers' revenue streams, but are their employees ready for retail? Provider teams might feel like they're facing a cultural shift when it comes to retail, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Effective retail sales still require service, consultation and care.


Editor's Note

Repeal the Device Tax

By David Kopf

A new law just put the excise tax on a two-year hiatus. The industry should work to see it extended even further.

Observation Deck

Lead Management Reimagined

By Drew McCartney

Is it time for your business to step up and implement a lead management automation and analytics system?


Product Spotlight

A Modular Approach

By David Kopf

Medforce Technologies' new Apps aim to provide HME business solutions on a problem-by-problem basis.

power mobility funding

Problem Solvers

Making the Right Mobility Match

By David Kopf

The nature of standard power mobility funding has added to the complexity of how providers ensure they select the right scooter for each patient.


Shaping a Showroom that Sells

A key element in retail sales is creating the right experience, and a well-thought-out retail showroom can help staff generate retail sale success.

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