January 2016 HME Business

January 2016


Industry Forecast

HME Business 2016 Annual Industry Forecast

2016 Big Ten

By David Kopf

Each year HME Business profiles 10 upcoming trends that will help define the industry over the next 12 months. To be certain, competitive bidding will be one of those factors. Others challenges include audits and protecting complex rehab. But 2016 also offers opportunities, as well, such as retail sales and revenue diversification.

Audit Appeal

Business Solutions

Winning the Audit Appeal Game

By Joseph Duffy

Medicare claims audits do not stop at claims being recouped. If anything the process just begins. As providers have realized early on in the process, many audits can and should be appealed. We talked to various experts to outline the appeals process and understand how providers can improve their chances through the various steps.


Editor's Note

Defining the New Normal

By David Kopf

Bidding and audits aren't going away, but that doesn't mean 'game over.' Providers need to get creative in terms of how they fight and adapt.

Observation Deck

Engaging Technology

By Esther Apter

Are you falling short in how you can leverage IT to revitalize your HME business?


The Best Offense for Appeals: A Good Defense

One of the best strategies against an audit and possible appeal is prevention. Here are some key steps.

Product Solutions


Orthopedics, a long standing DME category, offer both retail revenue and funded reimbursement. The key is to have a solid product mix.


Product Spotlight

Bringing Things Under One Roof

By David Kopf

HME software company Mediware's new CareTend platform aims to unify acquisitions' various capabilities.

Problem Solvers

Spreading the Good Word

By David Kopf

How to use patient education and smart marketing to improve respiratory business performance and patient outcomes.

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