December 2015 HME Business

December 2015


HME Business Award Winners

HME Business Award Winners

The Envelope, Please

By David Kopf

Last year HME Business launched its New Product of the Year Award program. Now in our second year, we’ve enjoyed even better response. This year’s winners included compelling entries in categories such as mobility, respiratory, retail sales, auto access, home access, diabetic supplies, and business services. Learn more about the products and services that struck a chord with our judges.

HME Software

Products & Technology

Gears of Change

By David Kopf

It's time for our annual software roundup, and this year we're looking at how the various IT tools available to providers are evolving to help them handle the changing challenges and trends impacting their businesses and patients. We profile not just the main HME management systems, but specialized IT offerings, as well.


Editor's Note

Built to Fail

By David Kopf

Quality was not 'job one' when CMS designed its audit program — which need serious and immediate retooling.

Observation Deck

Getting Everyone on the Team

By Greg Thompson

People with disabilities can serve as some of a provider's best employees, bringing with them a blend of passion, experience and knowledge.

Provider Strategy

Transitioning to Chip-and-Pin

By Michelle Tohill

Retail sales is a key revenue source for many providers, but they need to adopt EMV, and that requires some caution and roadmap.


Problem Solvers

Getting a Leg up in Platform Lifts

By David Kopf

Vertical platform lifts serve key access need for patients, but they are a more complex offering. How can home access providers expand their businesses via VPLs?

Product Solutions

Retail Sales

Merchandising is key element in a successful retail sales strategy. We look at some recent examples of retail products that serve key customers needs, while incorporating packaging and display materials that help sell the products.

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