November 2015 HME Business

November 2015


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Business Solutions

The Tip of the Spear

By David Kopf

As CMS prepares for the nationwide expansion of competitive bidding, mobility providers find themselves at the tip of the spear. In addition to taking massive reimbursement cuts, CMS is using the opportunity to go after complex rehab — again. How can providers protect their businesses, as well as beneficiary access to medical equipment?

Measuring Performance

Products & Technology

Measuring Up

By David Kopf

There's an old saying that, "what gets measured, gets managed," and that has become doubly true for HME providers who must find every possible efficiency in order to reduce the pressure of public and private payor reimbursement cuts. Experts examine the metrics against which providers can benchmark their business performance.


Observation Deck

The Need for HME 'Caretailing'

By Jim Greatorex

Retail sales are critical to expanding HME provider revenues in the face of Medicare reimbursement cuts, and Caretailing makes a solid patient connection.

Editor's Note

CMS's CRT End Run

By David Kopf

Did CMS try to pull a fast one with complex rehab technology when it comes to the national competitive bidding expansion?


Industry Newsmaker

Closing One Chapter to Open Another

By David Kopf

VGM communications VP Carolyn Cole looks back on a long career helping shape industry news.

Industry Newsmaker

A Life in Specialized HME

By David Kopf

Blue Chip Medical’s Ron Resnick describes his life-long quest to provide custom, quality care to patients.

How National Expansion Will Work

CMS will expand competitive bidding nationally starting Jan 1, but do you understand how it plans to implement that rollout?

Products & Technology

Software Reporting Tools

Monitoring metrics is important, and the industry's IT offerings can help. Here's a list of some key reporting and washboarding features from the various HME software products.

Product Solutions


Seniors represent a critical patient segment for HME providers. What are some of the latest products for seniors on the market?

Life After the Removal of the First-Month Purchase Option

After almost five years since mobility providers saw the removal of the first-month purchase option, how are power mobility providers doing?

Problem Solvers

Gaining the Right Expertise

By David Kopf

Offering compression products presents providers with a solid retail opportunity, but it's not a slam-dunk. How can providers get the right skills and knowledge on their team?

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