August 2015 HME Business

August 2015


patient data

Business Solutions

A Measured Approach

By David Kopf

Today's healthcare market is focused on driving down costs while improving outcomes. Concurrently, information technology has given providers reams of patient data. How can providers use this data to advance in the new healthcare landscape?

power mobility

Products & Technology

Mobility's Great Leap Forward

By Joseph Duffy

As mobility providers struggle with lower reimbursement rates and complete upending of their business models, the manufacturers of power mobility products are creating devices that address changing industry and care trends.

HME Retail Cash Sales

HME Retail Sales

HME Retail Avengers

By Joseph Duffy

HME providers are undergoing a transformation. Don your cape and don't be afraid to take the leap from retail novice to cash sales superhero status.

Retail Financials

HME Retail Sales

Retail Financials 101

By Joseph Duffy

As HME providers dig deeper into cash sales, they are discovering that the nuances of properly managing retail finances can pay big dividends.


Editor's Note

Taking ICD-10 Action

By David Kopf

The most pertinent of those requirements today should be ICD-10, but many providers still don’t know what it is. Fortunately, there's help.

Observation Deck

Identifying DME Deficiencies

By Sandra Canally

On-site visits from accrediting organization The Compliance Team help shed some light on deficiencies that DMEPOS providers commonly share and how they should address them.


How Does Patient Monitoring and Data Collection Work?

The big arena for patient monitoring and patient data collection is in sleep therapy. How does it work?

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