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May 2015


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Business Solutions

The New Sleep Landscape: Should You Rest Easy?

By Joseph Duffy

Numerous factors challenge the sleep business, but it continues to see growth that some experts say will continue into the foreseeable future. The question is, how? We talk to a variety of sleep providers to learn about the innovative approaches they have developed to not only rise above market challenges, but expand their businesses, as well.

Information Technology Marketplace

Strategic Solutions

By Joseph Duffy

Software is a strategic business investment. We round up recent software offerings to help providers optimize and expand their businesses.

HME software

Information Technology

Your IT Check-Up

By Joseph Duffy

We examine fifteen methods that providers can use to get significantly more mileage out of their HME software investments.

HME IT Forecast

Information Technology

What the Future holds for HME IT

By Joseph Duffy

Some of the best IT minds in the industry examine what the future holds for HME software and how it will shape providers’ success.


Editor's Note

Industry Ingenuity

By David Kopf

Creative thinkers abound in the HME biz, ensuring its survival and success.

Provider Strategy

How to Time the Market for an Exit

By Bradley Smith

How can providers looking to leave the market, properly time their exit? The answer lies in understand several key factors.



Product Spotlight

Bringing Things Under One Roof

By David Kopf

HME software company Mediware's new CareTend platform aims to unify products' various capabilities.

Product Solutions


By David Kopf

As HME businesses work to diversify their revenues, orthopedics provides a good mix of retail and funded revenue that is supported by solid demographics.

Problem Solvers

Getting it Right the First Time

By David Kopf

Which wheelchair cushion is the right cushion? Pressure mapping is a key resource for wheelchair providers working to get patients the ideal cushion — and the results can sometimes be surprising.

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