March 2015 Respiratory Management

March 2015 Respiratory Management


Oxygen Satisfaction

State of Satisfaction

The State of Oxygen Satisfaction

By David Kopf

New feature from HMEB: Data from accrediting organization The Compliance Team sheds some light on key pieces of patient data. This month we examine national oxygen patient satisfaction.

Respiratory Survey

Respiratory Survey 2015

Bracing for the Re-Compete

By David Kopf

Respiratory Management's Sixth Annual Respiratory Survey reviews the factors influencing shape the state of respiratory care today.

patient care

Care Quality

Bridging the Gap Between Care and Cost

By Joseph Duffy

Medicare might have forced oxygen into heavily cost-conscious business models, but there are still many ways to maximize patient care.



Stationary Oxygen Marketplace

By Joseph Duffy

Stationary oxygen equipment remains a key part of care for many long-term oxygen therapy patients. We look at some of the latest offerings.

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