November 2014 HME Business

November 2014


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Power Mobility Finding Its Identity

By Joseph Duffy

Is the power mobility market suffering from an identity crisis? While power mobility has experienced significant reimbursement setbacks, it's also seeing some positive demographic developments. A growing population of aging seniors has fueled market growth, and now mobility providers must evolve to meet those patients’ needs. The business might change, but the revenue potential remains.

HME Software

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Setting the Software Table

By David Kopf

Each year, HMEB rounds up the major HME software products to see how those systems can help providers contend with current challenges. But what we haven't addressed are the various niche software tools that are available to providers. This year we round up not only the major HME software systems, but the specialized offerings, as well.


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Out of My Depth

By David Kopf

Observation Deck

Creating a Lean HME Warehouse

By Chris Calderone


Business Solutions

Power Mobility Tips to Help Protect and Build Your Business

By Joseph Duffy

Problem Solvers

Creating the Retail Experience

By David Kopf

Providers have been rapidly pushing into retail sales to drive revenue in the face of declining Medicare and private payor reimbursement. But retail has a culture and a “feel” all its own. How can providers can create “retail experience” that will get customers and patients to buy?

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Portable Oxygen Concentrators

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