August 2014 HME Business

August 2014


Senior Retail

Business Solutions

Money in the Bag

By Joseph Duffy

Providers are working overtime to drive new revenue, and retail sales comprise a critical element of that effort. Given their numbers and spending power, seniors represent a critical cash sales category for HME businesses. We interview industry experts to get top tips that can help providers expand their retail sales by targeting this important and growing demographic.

competitive bidding fight

Legislative Update

New Ideas

By David Kopf

The fight against competitive bidding has been a difficult one, and after several efforts to repeal or replace the program it's becoming increasingly clear that the current strategy isn't working. Now the industry has a new bill that fixes a critical flaw with the program: suicide bids. Better yet, unlike past efforts, this legislation has a solid chance of passing as a standalone bill.


Funding Fundamentals

Avoiding the KX Modifier Trap

By Wayne van Halem

Editor's Note

Your August Marching Orders

By David Kopf

Providers work in an incredibly busy environment that is made even more complex by bad Medicare policies. However, providers must carve out time in August to battle those policies.

Observation Deck

Gaining the Quality Edge

By Sandra Canally

Just stating that you are an accredited may not be enough “proof” in this day and age of heightened scrutiny from the government, managed care, journalists, and ever more skeptical patient advocate groups. So how do DME providers go about substantiating their quality claims?


Problem Solvers

Asking the Right Questions

By Joseph Duffy

Compression: Product Solutions

By David Kopf

As providers hunt for ways for expand their revenues, compression represents a key opportunity for HME businesses to serve new patients and drive new revenue. HMEB takes a look at some of the latest offerings on the market.

Business Solutions

Senior Retail Categories: The Obvious and the Not-so-Obvious

By Joseph Duffy

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