May 2014 HME Business

May 2014


hospital oxygen referrals

Business Solutions

The Process of Change

By Robert Messenger, Joseph Lewarski

The entire landscape of U.S. healthcare is experiencing vast and unprecedented changes, and part of those changes include increased emphasis on outcomes. How will that impact oxygen providers’ referral relationships?

Mobility Independence

Business Solutions

A Blueprint for Independence

By David Kopf

Offering home access for mobility patients entails a set of needs providers must support that are unique compared to other patient groups. What do HME business owners need to know when considering moving into these services?

private payor insurance

Product & Technology

A Solid Bond

By David Kopf

As providers diversify their revenue sources, private payor insurance is becoming increasingly important. To that end, they must put in place the processes and systems that will help smooth the process. How can billing software help?


Editor's Note

The Noble Calling

By David Kopf

Observation Deck

The More Things Change ...

By Ty Bello


Problem Solvers

Keeping Things Clean

By David Kopf

Ensuring a support surface stays clean could go deeper than providers might initially think. Ensuring a support surface stays clean could go deeper than providers might initially think.


Product Spotlight

An Easier Entry

By David Kopf

Competitive Bidding and Audits

AAHomecare Triple Play

CMS's Competitive Bidding and Audits Change Up

In this new department of HME Business, we interview The American Association for Homecare's experts to get their insights on important legislative, policy, regulatory and industry advocacy developments.

Business Solutions

Finding Home Access Funding

By David Kopf

HME and Consumer Financing Options Podcast

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