April 2014 HME Business

April 2014


HME inventory management strategies and technologies continue to advance with the industry

Products & Technology

The Brains of the Operation

By David Kopf

Inventory typically represents the top overhead item for providers. In a cost-conscious reimbursement environment, HME providers have needed to develop smart inventory management and purchasing strategies to cope. HMEB looks at some of the techniques and tools they are using to contend with a constantly changing environment.

Breaking Through Audits

Business Solutions

Breaking Through Audits

By David Kopf

CMS's audit onslaught has been a trial and tribulation for the HME industry, but matters took a turn for the terrifying when the agency announced that it would delay assigning Administrative Law Judges to audit appeals by two years. Now the industry has redoubled its efforts to bring an out-of-control situation back under control.


Editor's Note

Hopping Out of CMS's Pot

By David Kopf

What one amphibian’s dinnertime dilemma can demonstrate to the HME industry, which is feeling CMS constantly turn up the regulatory heat.

Observation Deck

Repair Guidelines Need Repairs

By Georgie Blackburn

Providers’ profit margins determine how extensively they can provide comprehensive services, and in no division is this dynamic more important than in the DME repair arena. That's why the scenario of DMEMAC Medical Directors setting allowed labor limits on repair services must change.


Problem Solvers

Safe Bariatric Living Spaces

By Joseph Duffy

Bathrooms get a lot of attention when it comes to keeping bariatric patients safe in their homes, but challenges also abound throughout patients’ living spaces. Two experienced home access experts discuss how providers can create safe environments for bariatric patients.

Documentation: Dealing With Audits

While providers fight audits on the legislative front, they need to have a plan for dealing with them.

SeQual eQuinox POC

Product Spotlight

Big Benefit, Small Size

By David Kopf

CAIRE SeQual’s eQuinox portable oxygen concentrator focuses on ease of use and transportability, along with a slew of new features that started as a project at SeQual.

Industry Newsmaker

Coloring Outside the HME Provider Lines

By David Kopf

Exploring new businesses models has been a top priority for many providers trying to expand beyond Medicare reimbursement. HME Home Medical’s Eric Hagen explains the origin of the GO HME distributor model.

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