November 2013 HME Business

November 2013


Software: Gears of Change

Products & Technology

Gears of Change

By David Kopf

Software continues to be a strategic asset for providers, especially now that they seek to transform their businesses. Our annual software roundup examines how software can function as an agent of change for HME business strategy and operations.

Rebuilding Mobility

Business Solutions: Power Mobility Outlook

Rebuilding Mobility

By Joseph Duffy

Audits and competitive bidding continue to strangle the industry while PAD and pending legislation promise some relief. How will providers build their future? Various industry experts share their perspectives on what the future might hold for the power mobility industry.


Observation Deck

Driving Value Via e-Prescribing

By Roxie Murray

Increasing regulation, declining reimbursement, and the pressure to reduce costs are driving the need for business solutions up and down the healthcare value chain. Fortunately, providers have access to a potentially revolutionary development in healthcare: electronic prescribing.

Editor's Note

Strategic Reach

By David Kopf


H.R. 942 and S. 948: Legislation for the Mobility Industry

Problem Solvers

Recapturing Lost Diabetes Business

By Cindy Horbrook

Compression products could offer a way for diabetic providers to continue serving patients and recover revenue. It's an affordable retail offering that delivers a much-needed patient benefit.

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