August 2013 HME Business

August 2013


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Business Solutions

The Art of Cloning Yourself

By David Kopf

As HMEs realize they can't do it all, outsourcing various business functions is becoming an increasingly important element in HME business management. How are they reshaping heir businesses to take better advantage of the services available to them?

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Business Solutions

Branching Out

By David Kopf

HME providers know the senior marketplace cold. But, as providers continue to explore ways they can expand and diversify their revenue sources, could they better leverage that knowledge to expand into opportunities in the senior care marketplace?


Observation Deck

Stopping the CMS Juggernaut

By Wayne Stanfield

The CMS steamroller will run over patients as it crushes providers. Is that what it's going to take to get Congress to understand the real cost of this poorly considered and implemented program?

Provider Strategy

The Devil is in the Details

By Brian LaDuke

New "nondiscrimination" rules included in competitive bidding will force providers to streamline their 'product fleet if they want to ensure they can attain optimal profitability.

Editor's Note

Playing in the Playground

By David Kopf

A recent trip to Sequoia National Park shows how awe-inspiring providing access to national treasures can be. And that access is something to be proud of.


Ty Bello

Industry Newsmaker

Keeping Pace With Change

By David Kopf

As president of sales and leadership consulting firm Team@Work, Ty Bello founded his business more than a decade ago to help HME provider businesses increase their organizational, management, sales and marketing effectiveness. How has his approach changed with the industry and technology?

Business Solutions

Outsourcing Options

Problem Solvers

Devising Effective Retail Marketing

By Cindy Horbrook

Cash sales is a must for survival- and success-minded providers alike, but they have to develop a solid marketing strategy. What are some key considerations?

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