HME Business February 2013

February 2013


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Calling All Customers!

By David Kopf

Reaching out to patients on a more regular basis not only improves relationships and therapy compliance, but it also can drive new revenue to the bottom line through marketing, orders and collections. The problem is that calling up patients can be incredibly costly in terms of employee hours. How can providers automate the process?

HME Retail

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Where the Retail Rubber Meets the Road

By Cindy Horbrook

For many years, providers have been hearing the reasons why they need to expand into cash sales to drive new revenues, and have been learning ways they can accomplish that. But what about the real world lessons providers are learning about retail? We interview various providers with retail track records to get their insights into cash sales.


Industry Advocacy

Focusing on the Path Ahead

By Wayne Stanfield

Only Congressional action can stop competitive bidding. We cannot look back and lament at the past and what could have been. We must look forward.

Editor's Note

The Element of Surprise

By David Kopf

The industry and CMS are waiting for each other to make the first move.

Observation Deck

Medicare's Most Stringent Audits

By Paul Komishock

In many cases, especially for power mobility devices (PMDs), a provider may not know whether a file meets all of the requirements until an audit occurs, due in part to the subjectivity of medical necessity documentation review.


Selling Sales to your Staff

By Ty Bello

HME sales coach and educator Ty Bello, founder and president of Team @ Work, offers four tips for HME providers about to convince staff to beless tentative about sales.

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