January 2013

January 2013


Round Two of Competitive Bidding

2013: The Year Ahead

Hoping for the Best, Planning for te Worst

By Joseph Duffy

Round Two of Competitive Bidding could radically redefine the HME industry if it starts rolling out in July. Here’s what you need to consider.

HME Big Ten

2013: The Year Ahead

Big Ten

By David Kopf

It's that's time of the year again: The HMEB Big Ten. In the sixth annual edition of our list, we look at 10 key trends, challenges and opportunites that will define the next 12 months for HME providers.


Observation Deck

The New Guys in Washington

By Wayne Stanfield

The election is now over and the first session of the new, 113th Congress will include a large crop of freshmen lawmakers. With the new Congress beginning its work on legislation that will be passed in the first 100 days, some suppliers have one unique opportunity to make a difference.

Editor's Note

Viva the Little Guy

By David Kopf

The tiny HME industry faces big changes in2013, but small guys pack a mighty punch.


Round Two Reactions from VGM Membership

By Joseph Duffy

Problem Solvers

Preparing for Potential Audits

By Cindy Horbrook

Increased funding and more Medicare claims processors could mean more audits for 2013. How should HMEs prepare?

Pronto Air Personal Transporter

Product Spotlight

A Mobility Misfit

By David Kopf

For a while, Invacare’s Pronto Air Personal Transporter was a power mobility device in search of a home. Then it found its niche: cash sales.

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