HME Business November 2012

November 2012


Annual Software Roundup: The Fine Art of Being Prepared

Products & Technology

Annual Software Roundup: The Fine Art of Being Prepared

By David Kopf

Providers are in for a tough 2013, and no business asset can better help them prepare for the coming year than their information systems. Once again we survey various software packages to see how they can help HMEs prepare for whatever 2013 has in store, whether it's competitive biding Round Two or the continued assault of CMS audits.

HME Hospitality

Business Solutions

HME Hospitality

By Cindy Horbrook, David Kopf

Home access and ensuring home safety represent an important market opportunity for providers to expand their businesses while tapping into their existing patient and referral partner relationships. The challenge lies in ensuring they can meet the unique needs of various patient groups. We look at how HMEs can lay out a welcome mat that appeals to all of their patients.


Observation Deck

Preaching to the Converted

By Rob Brant

Editor's Note

What's at Stake

By David Kopf


Problem Solvers

Best Practices for Portable Oxygen

By Joseph Duffy

Portable oxygen use has been revolutionary not only for creating low/no-delivery models for providers, but for helping patients enjoy their lives and better therapeutic outcomes. As portable oxygen use grows, providers are developing best practices that are helping patients master their devices and achieve maximum benefit.

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