October 2012 HME Business

October 2012


Round Two: Bracing for 2013

Industry Roundtable

Round Two: Bracing for 2013

By David Kopf

The coming year promises a rough ride for the industry. Providers face many issues: competitive bidding Round Two; the fight to replace it with the MPP; the continued assault of pre- and post-payment audits; the pending face-to-face rule; and pior authorization for power mobility to name just a few. HMEB’s editorial advisory board discuss these issues and more and share their insights on how providers should approach 2013.

Solving Sleep Success

Business Solutions

Solving Sleep Success

By Joseph Duffy

Despite having to hurdle audits, competitive bidding, caps and cuts, the sleep industry continues to grow. We look at how some sleep providers are solving these problems and formulating successful business strategies.


Editor's Note

Time to 'Go Big'

By David Kopf

Observation Deck

The DMEPOS Documentation Tour

By Sandra Canally

Given the plethora of documentation mandates from government and private-sector sources that challenge small and large businesses alike, it is critical for providers to stay up to date with ever-changing documentation requirements that often mean the difference between getting paid for goods and services rendered or not. Here's an operations approach to "getting it done."

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