HME Business September 2012

September 2012


Rethinking Support Surfaces

Business Solutions

Rethinking Support Surfaces

By David Kopf

Increasingly, providers of support surfaces need to look at how they provision services both from a therapeutic perspective and a business standpoint. This is even more true now that Group 2 support surfaces are part of Round Two of competitive bidding. How can support surface provides make a difference in not only their patients' lives, but also the bottom line?

HME document management

Products & Technology

The HME Paper Chase

By David Kopf

As providers continue to contend with the thorny issue of Medicare audits, they are implementing policies and procedures to ensure they have iron-clad documentation. How are they using document management systems to both mitigate the impact of audits, and maximize their operational effectiveness, as well


Observation Deck

Getting Stuck with the Bill

By Wayne Stanfield

Editor’s Note

Gold Medal Performance

By David Kopf


Medtrade Fall Preview

A Hearty Helping of Industry Knowledge?

By Cindy Horbrook


Problem Solvers

Compression and Baby Boomers

By Joseph Duffy

How can providers find the right appeals for compression garments in order to tap into the buying power of this important demographic? Appealing to their active lifestyles and desires to look good are a great start.

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