August 2012 HME Business

August 2012


Hurdles to Health

Senior Care Issue

Hurdles to Health

By David Kopf

Senior patients represent the lion’s share of the oxygen therapy population, and many face a variety of compliance hurdles. What are the challenges in ensuring seniors adhere to treatment, and how can HME providers tailor oxygen services for seniors in order to maximize mobility and ensure therapy compliance?

Home Safe Home

Senior Care Issue

Home Safe Home

By David Kopf

Older patients face a considerable number of safety challenges when it comes to living at home. Going from room-to-room, providers can pinpoint one pitfall after another that can put seniors at risk for injury or worse. How can HME providers help ensure the safety and independent living of older patients?


Editor’s Note:

The Tech Barrier

By David Kopf

Providers need to smooth patients’ learning curves for DME — and Medicare.

Observation Deck

Tailor-Made Mobility Services

By Megan Kutch

Opportunity Through Compliance


Senior Care Issue

Building a Senior Safety Skill Set

By David Kopf

Developing senior home safety expertise through education, training and certification.

Provider Strategy:

The Great Differentiator

By Ty Bello

The importance of leveraging your data, reports in order to drive increased sales.

Problem Solvers

Making Life Easier for Everyone

By Cindy Horbrook

Using ADLs to Drive Retail Sales

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