HME Business June 2012

June 2012



Turning Compliance on a Dime

How to rapidly roll out accreditation for Round Two subcontracting.

Software Automation

Keeping in Constant Contact

How to use software to automate patient interactions.

Mergers & Acquisitions: Selling

Managing Great Expectations

How to approach selling a provider business.


Increasing Your Team’s Expertise

How to best leverage MSO educational offerings.


Taking Oxygen on the Road

How to help patients travel with their POCs.

Diabetic Footwear

A Foothold in Building Patient Relationships

How to add diabetic footwear to your line of services.


Getting Your Foot in the Door

How to integrate CPMs into your range of services.

Support Surface

Keeping Careful Watch

How to monitor wound care patients’ response to their support surface.

Orthotics & Prosthetics

A Likely Expansion Opportunity

How to expand into orthotics and prosthetics.

Mergers & Acquisitions: Buying

Making the Right Buy

How to approach purchasing a provider business.

Bed Safety

Ensuring a Sound, Safe Sleep

How to implement a plan to maintain bed safety for bariatric patients.

Competitive Bidding

Weighing the Options

How to develop alternative business plans prior to competitive bidding Round Two implementation.

Medicare Audits

Building a Rapid Response System

How to minimize the impact of Medicare audits.

Government Affairs

Forging Advocacy Ambassadors

How to enlist your patients to lobby Congress for the MPP.


Turning up the Talent on the Team

How to size and train a flexible, responsive HME staff.


Ensuing Patients Get a Good Fit

How to help older patients comply with compression therapy.

Cash Sales Merchandising

Showcasing Your Wares

How to effectively merchandize retail products.

Home Access

Rising to the Occasion

How to assess a patient’s home prior to VPL installation.

Medicare Audits

Building a Rapid Response System

How to minimize the impact of Medicare audits by implementing practices that will ensure claims pass muster, as well as help the organization rapidly respond to auditors' documentation requests.

Rental Mobility

Fine Tuning Mobility Rental

How to increase the effectiveness of your standard power mobility rental business.

Software Audit Tools

The Right Tool for the Job

How to leverage HME software to respond to audits.


Editor’s Note

Enough Is Enough

By David Kopf

Observation Deck

Tips and Tricks for Transition

By Kirsten DeLay

Just as you wouldn’t go into the wilderness without the proper training, gear and companions, you shouldn’t face today’s mobility market without the right resources.


Problem Solvers

Leveraging Social Media

By Joseph Duffy

HME is starting to see the importance of engaging customers using social media tools.

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