HME Business May 2012

May 2012


The HME Dashboard

Products & Technology

The HME Dashboard

By David Kopf

Reporting tools are incredibly invaluable for HME providers in terms of monitoring, and thusly managing, their businesses, and perhaps no tool better gives providers at-a-glance feedback on how their operations are performing across all departments than dashboards.

Back to the Drawing Board

Business Solutions

Back to the Drawing Board

By Joseph Duffy

NCB Round Two will force yet another upending of the O2 industry. How can providers transform themselves to survive — and succeed — this time around?


Observation Deck

The Time for Compliance Is Now

By Wayne van Halem

The reality is that the Affordable Care Act has made it mandatory for all healthcare providers, at some point, to implement a comprehensive compliance program that meets or exceeds government expectations. Why not make the investment of the front end to better prepare your organization, implement effective internal controls, improve the efficiency of your staff, and provide better quality of service to your patients?

Editor’s Note:

Making the Rules

By David Kopf

Consistency and judiciousness mean little when you control the game.


Dashboarding and Reporting Tools from HME Software Makers

A roundup of various reporting and dashboarding features from various HME software systems.

Problem Solvers

Staying Safe While Sleeping

By Cindy Horbrook

For the disabled or elderly, a bed can pose a number of safety risks. The overriding question becomes how can providers help ensure patients stay safe in their beds? It starts with leadership?

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