HME Business February 2012

February 2012


Competitive Bidding

Business Solutions

Round Two Reality Check

By David Kopf

The bidding window for Round Two opens this month, and providers must ensure they have a well thought-out strategy to stand even a ghost of a chance at getting a contract offer. How should they prepare while still fi ghting to stop NCB?

Surviving the Audit Tidal Wave

Products & Technology

Surviving the Audit Tidal Wave

By David Kopf

Since the start of 2011, providers have been fending off a relentless onslaught of pre- and post-payment audits on Medicare claims. How can technology help them win this war of attrition?


Clinician Talk:

Making the Right Match

By Robert Messenger, Kelly Riley

Oxygen generating portables are the new norm. The question is which device for which patient?

Provider Strategy:

Home Accessibility: The Opportunity

By Jerry Keiderling

Home access is a top priority for patients.

Editor's Note

Bitter Harvest

By David Kopf

Round One’s numbers prove patients are reaping what CMS has sown.


Software System Audit Features

By David Kopf

Accrediting Organizations

By David Kopf

Accreditation is a key consideration for Round Two of competitive bidding.

Word to the Wise: the KX Modifier

By David Kopf

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