November 2011

November 2011


Building a Multi-Talented Team

Business Solutions

Building a Multi-Talented Team

By Joseph Duffy

Providers are facing tough management challenges these days: not only do they have to lay off valued team members in the face of reimbursement cuts, but they must do so without crushing staff morale. Moreover, they must also learn how to inspire and motivate remaining employees to take on new responsibilities. What are the solutions?

Flexible Software for HME

Products & Technology Annual Software Roundup

A Foundation for Flexibility

By David Kopf

HME software is becoming a strategic necessity for survival and success in this industry, especially when it comes to the run-up to Round Two of competitive bidding. Round Two’s sheer size makes it an unknown challenge. We look at features from today’s software offerings to see how they can help providers prepare now for a still-unfolding tomorrow .


Observation Deck

Insurers: Let’s End Exclusion

By Mary K. Nicholas

It’s time for private health insurance to quit hiding behind accreditation.

Editor's Note

It’s the Smart Play

By David Kopf

While a bidding repeal is everyone’s first option, the MPP is our surest bet.


Problem Solvers

Sleeping Safe and Sound

By David Kopf

Why providers need to emphasize bed safety, and how they can do it.

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