September 2011

September 2011


HME/DME provider software

Products & Technology

Searching for Smoother Sailing

By David Kopf

As providers strive to find new efficiencies and cut costs in a downward trending funding environment, software has come to the fore as a key tool to accomplish those goals — so much so that it is often reshaping entire HME business processes. We look at software’s impact on HME workflow and explore the workfl ow features available from various software offerings on the market.

HME Software and Technology Workflow Features

By David Kopf

HME software offerings improve HME providers’ workflow to create more efficient and more cost-effective business processes.


Sneak Peek: Medtrade Fall 2011

By David Kopf

Medtrade Fall 2011 is right around the corner, bringing a jam-packed conference schedule and new special exhibits to Atlanta.

HME private payor funding

Business Solutions

Private Payor Private Party

By David Kopf

Many HME providers have included private payor funding as an essential part of their business, and many more providers have been turning to the private insurance market in recent years as Medicare funding has been repeatedly cut. However consolidation and single-provider deals are making the private payor market increasingly difficult. How are HME businesses coping?


Funding Fundamentals:

Are You Prepared for an Audit?

By Wayne van Halem

ZPICs mean no more business as usual in DME.

Editor's Note

Not So Super

By David Kopf

A special committee deciding the fate of Medicare cuts should have you worried.

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