August 2011

August 2011


HME getting a boost

Business Solutions

Getting a Boost

By Joseph Duffy

The value proposition of member service organizations and buying groups is clear: leverage group purchasing power, as well as additional education and other services aimed at helping member companies grow. We take a look at three key MSOs in the industry to review the sorts of services they offer to HME providers.

Big Hit

Business Solutions

Oxygen Outlook: The Next Big Hit

By David Kopf

They say that change can be good, but not when it comes to the oxygen services market. Years of major upheavals stacked on top of each other have added up to a heavy burden indeed for respiratory providers. Yet, somehow they have managed to survive and reinvent themselves. Can they do the same in Rounds One and Two of competitive bidding?


Provider Strategy

Seven Principles for Being Prepared

By Gretchen Schuler

Reducing risk is smart business and smart care.

Observation Deck

Leveraging The 'Net

By Kirsten DeLay

In our challenging business environment, it is not only practical to take full advantage of available online tools, it is essential.

Private Party

By David Kopf

Are private payors’ short-sighted ‘velvet rope’ strategies shapes of HME to come?


Problem Solvers

Keeping a Close Watch

By David Kopf

Remote sleep patient monitoring makes sense in more ways than one.

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