July 2011

July 2011


How to Improve your Funding/Claims Performance

By David Kopf

Dedicated software systems help provider become masters of efficient billing and claims processing.

How to Protect your Business from Medicare Claims Audits

By David Kopf

Pre- and post-payment audits are plaguing providers, and there are some key things they can do to shield themselves.

How to Ensure the Best Therapy Outcomes Using a CPM

By Joseph Duffy

CPM machines are considered advantageous for post-surgical treatment. How can providers help ensure the best results.

How to Improve your Delivery Operations Management

By David Kopf

HMEs must find ways that they can increase efficiency for their delivery operations. Fortunately, there are a couple key technologicalsolutions at hand that can help them.

How Oxygen Providers Can Implement Business Practices for Today’s Funding Environment

By Joseph Duffy

With the rental cap, audits and competitive bidding, providers need to closely examine their businesses to bolster margins.

How to Leverage Your Software for Strategic Planning

By David Kopf

With today's funding cuts, the data generated by HME software can show you your strengths, as well as where you might be able to cut and save some precious operating dollars.

How to Help Oxygen Patients Use Their POCs Properly

By David Kopf

As POCs have gained acceptance and usage — sometimes as a primary oxygen device — the need to ensure patients truly understand their devices is essential.

How to Match Mattress Types to Patient Wound Care Needs

By Joseph Duffy

The population of bariatric patients is increasing, and so to is the need for providers to sell mattresses that prevent and help treat wounds for patients that spend a good deal of time in bed.

How to Help Patients Comply with Compression Treatment

By Joseph Duffy

Helping patients comply with compression therapy requires understanding, application, comfort, appearance and price.

How to Enlist Patients to Help Your Government Affairs Efforts

By David Kopf

Patients are providers' best political ally. Here are some ways to mobilize them.

How to Help New Diabetes Patients Better Manage Their Condition

By Joseph Duffy

Newly diagnosed diabetes patients need lots of assistance to ensure compliance. How can providers give it to them?

How to Ensure Accreditation Renewal Goes Smoothly

By David Kopf

Whatever the reason for renewing accreditation, now is the time to start preparing to ensure the process goes smoothly.

How to Establish Your Business as a Home Accessibility Authority

By Joseph Duffy

As the needs for home access increase, savvy providers need ways to tap into this burgeoning segment.

How to Determine Mobility Patients’ Cushion Needs

By Joseph Duffy

For patients that spend their days in mobility devices, they must have the right cushion.

How to Provide a Range of Services that Supports Bariatric Patients

By Joseph Duffy

As more and more people fit the definition of being obese, the increase in the need for bariatric equipment rises as well.

How to Prepare for Round Two of Competitive Bidding

By David Kopf

Round one has given providers some insights on what they need to do to prepare for Round Two.

MSO Buying Group Membership

By David Kopf

Today’s HME MSOs have evolved to offer much more than just group purchasing. How can providers make the most of their memberships?

How Power Mobility HMEs can Become Rental Businesses

By David Kopf

Now that the standard power mobility business has been turned upside-down, what can providers do to transition to a new business model?

How to Boost your Retail Sales Performance

By David Kopf

Now more than ever, providers must pursue cash sales. What are some key elements of a smart retail business?


Observation Deck:

The Larger Discussion

By Dean Rosen

Debt ceiling debate puts HMEs in perilous spot.

Editor's Note:

We’re Not in This Alone

By David Kopf

CMS is overstepping — to HME’s benefit.

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