April 2011

April 2011


New Regulatory Reality

Business Solutions

The New Regulatory Reality

By David Kopf

Four months into Round One, how are contract holders and providers that lost bids coping? Have mobility providers re-tooled to survive the loss of the first month purchase option. Most important: how can the industry fight back?

Competive Bidding: Support Surface Providers

Business Solutions

Canary in the Coal Mine

By Joseph Duffy

As a cornerstone DME service, beds are in a unique position to tell us how competitive bidding might play out for the entire industry. Have Round One bed and support surface HMEs found business models that let them breathe easy?


Observation Deck

Savvy Positioning for PMD Providers

By Ted Raquet

Opportunity abounds for rental-ready HMEs.

Funding Fundamentals

A Focus on Finding Efficiencies

By Phil Cunningham

Editor's Note

The Big Sell

By David Kopf

Providers need to reach out to partners, patients — now.

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