October 2010

October 2010


HME Software Systems

Products & Technology

Tying it All Together

By David Kopf

HME software systems and services provide not only a safety net that ties various HME business operations together, but also offers a strategic advantage. Our annual software series reviews a variety of key features that help providers keep their businesses running, as well as take them to the next level.

Diabetic Footcare

Business Solutions

Diabetic Foot Care: Stepping Forward

By David Kopf

With the risk of ulcers resulting in amputation a very real concern for diabetic patients, HME providers are in a unique position to help them, especially as the physician community moves adopts a preventative care mindset. What opportunities lie ahead and how do providers equip themselves to take advantage of them?


Editor's Note:

Something’s Rotten

By David Kopf

Is CMS overloading HMEs for an NCB win?

Observation Deck

HME Patriots Arise!

By John Shirvinsky


Problem Solvers

Bariatric Baths: An Eye On Design

By David Kopf

Q6 Edge

Product Premiere

A Chair for All Seasons

By David Kopf

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