September 2010

September 2010


Business Solutions

Keeping Count

By David Kopf

As CMS slashes its way through Medicare funding of DME, providers must prioritize cost-cutting. Their largest cost center? Inventory. By automating inventory management, providers can take advantage of newfound efficiencies and increased control in order to drive money back to their bottom lines. Story includes a round-up of various HME software offerings’ inventory management features.

Cover Feature

Bed Basics & Beyond

By Joseph Duffy

Beds and support surfaces are cornerstone DME for providers, and it is critical for them to take their understanding of how these offerings suit various patient needs to the next level. This not only includes ramping up safety and funding knowledge, but also how proper bedding can impact a patient’s emotional wellbeing.


Clinician Talk

Minding MRADLs

By Julie Piriano

Clinical and Documentation Demands Related to MRADLs

Funding Fundamentals

Selling Time is Referral Time

By Ty Bello

Editor's Note

Re-bid: Clear as Mud

By David Kopf


Problem Solvers

Specialized Compression

By Joseph Duffy

Understanding unique compression needs and 
treatments for lymphedema patients.

Addressing the Emotional Needs of Mobility Patients

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