July 2010

July 2010

HME Handbook 2010



Diabetic Supplies:

How to Help Younger Patients Comply with Diabetes Programs

By David Kopf

Even when kids develop the sorts of self-discipline and good habits that will help them manage their diabetes and comply with their treatment programs, there is another distraction that trumps all others: the need to fit in. How can providers help?



How to Leverage Software to Create a Winning Inventory Control Strategy

By David Kopf

To control inventory, a provider must strike balance between ensuring that money is not being tied up in DME that is not moving, versus ensuring that the right types and amounts of in-demand DME stay on the shelves. Fortunately, HME software and related technologies can help can help accomplish that balancing ac



How to Leverage Travel in Order to Transition Patients to POCs

By Joseph Duffy

POCs provide HMEs with a tremendous opportunity to offer travel expertise to patients, both capturing a niche market and becoming an even more trusted advisor. By helping patients travel and enjoy life, providers gain a top-selling point to sway oxygen patients to POCs while winning patients for life.



How to Select and Install the Right Bed for a Bariatric Patient

By Joseph Duffy

The main differences between beds for bariatric patients and non-bariatric patients are the bed’s size and weight capacity. Picking the proper bed for a bariatric patient can be a lengthy undertaking since there are many areas to consider.



How to Add Compression to Your Line of Services

By David Kopf

The number of potential compression clients is substantial. So how do providers crack into this important service opportunity?



How to Leverage Your MSO to Network and Share Best Practices

By David Kopf

One key benefit that MSOs offer beyond the advantages of participating in a buying group or having access to educational opportunities is the ability to network with other HME providers and share best practices.



How to Reapply for Accreditation

By David Kopf

While the accreditation scramble of summer 2009 is ancient history at this point, there are many providers still seeking to reapply for CMS accreditation. Why is that, and how do providers approach reapplying for accreditation?

Retail Sales

Cash Sales:

How to Build Momentum in Your Retail Sales

By David Kopf

While many providers might operate a cash sales business, they might need to ramp up their retail operations in order to ensure it is a dependable cash-flow contributor. Here are some solid ways to help build momentum in your retail sales.


CPM Machines:

How to Work with Referral Partners to Provide CPMs Post-Surgery

By David Kopf

The funding for CPMs is still very respectable, and there are still ways to build thriving CPM businesses. The key to succeeding in providing CPMs comes down to building relationships with the right referral partners

Compression Treatment


How to Provide the Right Compression Treatment to Lymphedema Patients

By Joseph Duffy

Compression treatments are used to provide long-term maintenance for a wide variety of people, from homecare patients to everyday people, but lymphedema patients differ from other compression garment wearers in key ways.

Support Surface


How to Match Mattress Types to Different Patient Needs

By Joseph Duffy

The type of sleeping surface people use can affect every aspect of their life, including rest, pain and skin integrity.When addressing patients who are on a bed even longer, the effect of sleep surfaces on overall health and wellbeing becomes even more profound.

Pressure Sores

Pressure Sores:

How to Assess and Prevent Pressure Sores for Geriatric Patients

By Joseph Duffy

When it comes to the elderly, pressure sores become more prominent. Here is what you need to know about assessing and preventing pressure sores for geriatric patients.



How to Implement GPS in Your Delivery Operations

By David Kopf

A key tool in that regard is global positioning technology. With GPS, providers can manage their deliveries and drivers using a system that lets them monitor each truck in real-time, which results in improved operations and reduced overhead.



How to Conduct a Productive In-service for Respiratory Referrals

By David Kopf

While free lunch is nice, referral partners are really looking for answers. By offering insights and information that referral partner staff might not have, as well as through answering questions, a provider can make significant gains in creating and growing referral partner relationships.

HME Software


How to Use HME Software to Keep Your Deliveries Humming in Fifth Gear

And a key cost center within providers’ operations is deliveries. Fortunately, HME software systems and related technology can help in many ways to help increase delivery efficiencies and drive down costs.

Home Access

Home Access:

How to Outline a Checklist for Patient Lift, Ramp Installations

Two key pieces of home access equipment that make that possible are vertical platform lifts (VPLs) and modular access ramps. However, deciding which access method, lift or ramp, best suits the patient’s need depends on a variety of criteria.


Government Affairs:

How to Effectively Involve Patients in Your Lobbying Efforts

By David Kopf

Providers have a largely untapped source of help when it comes to their industry advocacy efforts. While it is one thing for a provider to meet with a lawmaker, homecare patients can leave a lasting impact on lawmakers because their stories are so personal.



How to Get Accredited When Adding a New Line of Business

By David Kopf

What if a HME provider starts a new line of business, or acquires a new line of business after already being accredited? Does the provider need to apply for accreditation for that new business?


Editor's Note

Hands-Free HME

By David Kopf

The Hands-Free HME initiative’s goal is twofold: help HME providers, manufacturers and related service suppliers increase road safety, and also raise the homecare industry’s profile through promoting safe driving.

Observation Deck

New Signature Requirements Hit Audits

By David Krause

CMS’s unreasonable requests on providers will put the claims process in traction.

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