May 2010

May 2010

The Rough Road Ahead


rough road ahead

Products & Technology

A Rough Road Ahead

By David Kopf

How mobility providers can survive the loss of the 13-month purchase option, competitive bidding, and the impact of the excise tax, while concurrently fighting the regulatory battles necessary to stop these poor policies.

HME Benchmarking

Business Solutions

A New Approach to Benchmarking

By David Kopf

Benchmarking is a critical business practice, particularly for HME providers given the difficult reimbursement environment and the constant push to increase cash fl ow while cutting costs. Fortunately, HME software systems can help providers benchmark more accurately and powerfully.


Observation Deck

The Business of Politics

By Wayne Stanfield

Why HME suppliers should have a grassroots GL expense account.

Clinician Talk

Ultra-light Done Right

By Julie Piriano

Clinical considerations and documentation demands for ultra-lightweight wheelchairs.

Editor's Note

Homecare’s Citizen Soldiers

By David Kopf

Finding balance between surviving and reversing bad policies.


Product Solutions

Bath Safety

By Cindy Horbrook

Bath safety is a service that spans across multiple, major patient groups, such as geriatric, bariatric and mobility patients, to name a few. This means that providing bath safety involves addressing a number of very different and distinct patient requirements and considerations. Here are some great solutions that can help you protect your patients — and your bottom line.

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