April 2010

April 2010

Downsized Documentation


Retail Hero

Business Solutions

Becoming a Retail Hero

By David Kopf

While CMS works overtime to minimize providers’ profit margins, cash sales have become a critical element in maintaining their cash-flow. How can HMEs ramp up their retail sales expertise?

Downsized Documentation

Products & Technology

Downsized Documentation

By David Kopf

While providers might be able to tread water in a sea of paperwork, document management not only helps them keep their heads above water in terms of adhering to documentation requirements, but boosts their bottom line while giving them a strategic advantage.


Editor's Note

This Is Your Fight

By David Kopf

Observation Deck

A Framework for Effective Business

By Kirsten DeLay

Complete compliance offers a strategic edge.


Product Solutions

Home Access

By Cindy Horbrook

Problem Solvers

Serving Unique Support Needs

By Joseph Duffy

Mobility patients need a treatment plan that spans 24 hours per day, including when they sleep. How can providers better understand and serve mobility patients' bed and support surface needs?

The Key to Patient Engagement