April 2010

April 2010

Downsized Documentation


Retail Hero

Business Solutions

Becoming a Retail Hero

By David Kopf

While CMS works overtime to minimize providers’ profit margins, cash sales have become a critical element in maintaining their cash-flow. How can HMEs ramp up their retail sales expertise?

Downsized Documentation

Products & Technology

Downsized Documentation

By David Kopf

While providers might be able to tread water in a sea of paperwork, document management not only helps them keep their heads above water in terms of adhering to documentation requirements, but boosts their bottom line while giving them a strategic advantage.


Editor's Note

This Is Your Fight

By David Kopf

Observation Deck

A Framework for Effective Business

By Kirsten DeLay

Complete compliance offers a strategic edge.


Product Solutions

Home Access

By Cindy Horbrook

Problem Solvers

Serving Unique Support Needs

By Joseph Duffy

Mobility patients need a treatment plan that spans 24 hours per day, including when they sleep. How can providers better understand and serve mobility patients' bed and support surface needs?

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