Respiratory & Sleep Management March 2010

Respiratory & Sleep Management March 2010


Provider Purchasing Plans Survey

Results of our exclusive survey point to cautious optimism among providers regarding their 2010 spending decisions.


Have Oxygen, Will Travel

By Linda Kossoff

Growing patient demand for POCs leaves respiratory providers with the question of if, when and how to invest in this technology.


Funding Focus

The Government’s Plan for a Scam

By Kelly Riley

The 2010 OIG work plan identifies multiple projects that will be undertaken by a variety of offices, including those of audits, evaluations, inspections and investigations. The plan is reflective of what the OIG believes to be problem areas in the HME industry.

Letter from the Editor

Languishing in Limbo

By Linda Kossoff

Uncertainty about an event can be more damaging to an individual’s health than the event itself, according to a new study. In this issue, you’ll find several examples in which we try to resolve some of your unanswered questions.

Respiratory Solutions

Business Strategies for a Rocky Industry

By Dick Fields

There are certain approaches and measures we can take to help protect the profitability of our HME businesses. The following 20 business strategies don’t guarantee success, but they might help to put us on an even keel.

Provider Perspective

Intrepid USA Healthcare Services

RSM became curious about the relationships between large agencies like Intrepid USA Healthcare Services and HME providers. How do they work together when HME equipment is required? So we contacted Intrepid and asked several principals in the company.

Respiratory Factor

The Daily Grind

There is a strong link between nocturnal teeth grinding, also called bruxism, and obstructive sleep apnea. Here are the facts.

HME Business Podcast