March 2010

March 2010

Special Business Strategies Edition



Other People's Money

By David Kopf

As providers fight to maintain their cash-flow they still need to purchase expensive DME. Fortunately, they have HME-specific financing at their disposal.


The Educated Edge

By David Kopf

How professional education can help HME staff and management provide the best service possible, while ensuring proper regulatory and certification compliance.

LEAN Process

LEAN & Mean

By Ty Bello

How this management technique can improve efficiency, reduce repetitive work, eliminate barriers, and improve process flow and cut fat and waste from every HME.


Keeping and Creating Customers in 2010

By Joseph Duffy

How providers can develop marketing plans that ensure they will not only retain their existing patient base, but ensure they expand their customers in 2010.

Product Solutions

Financial Services

By Laura Swift

Providers are used to doing a lot by themselves: processing claims, delivering DME, servicing, maintaining compliance, working with referral partners, etc. Fortunately, there are a number of firms offering a variety of services to help HMEs manage their money.

Compliance Automation

Virtual Officer 'Polices' Compliance

By Joseph Duffy

As regulations continue to tighten the grip on the Home Medical Equipment industry, providers are looking for tools to stay compliant. Enter Virtual Compliance Officer.

Business Services

Getting a Helping Hand

By David Kopf

How providers can take advantage of a number of enhanced business services available to them for low- to no-cost from DME manufacturers.


Editor's Note

Showdown at the CMS Saloon

By David Kopf

HMEs have secured a significant delay to PECOS, but High Noon still looms.

Observation Deck

Uncertainty and Opportunity

By Seth Johnson

HME Industry Outlook

HME Business Podcast