HME Business February 2010

February 2010

Beautiful Music: How software keeps HME operations humming along



Business Solutions

Changing the Game

By David Kopf

The rules keep changing for oxygen providers, but they’re still in the game. As many hits as they have sustained, many oxygen providers have found ways to remain standing. What’s their secret, and what are the new rules to the oxygen game?

Beautiful Music

Products & Technology

Beautiful Music

By David Kopf

When provider operations smoothly mesh together, the resulting efficiency and productivity can music to an HME’s ears. To make that happen, providers are leveraging their software systems to deliver a virtuoso performance.


Editor's Note

And That’s the Way it Wasn’t

By David Kopf

Will the mainstream news media ever cover the homecare industry fairly?

Observation Deck

Full-Circle Support

By Mark E. Smith

Strengthening the industry's voice by engaging clients in advocacy.


ResMed Swift FX

Product Premier

A Design on Comfort

By David Kopf

New nasal pillow system aims to increase patient ease of use in order to drive treatment compliance.

Problem Solver

Transfilling Transformation

By David Kopf

How some oxygen providers are leveraging liquid-to-gas systems to slash their cylinder refilling costs.

Product Solutions: Compression

By Laura Swift

A wide variety of patients can benefit from compression garments, including those who might not be typical homecare patients. The range of compression garment clients includes geriatric patients, individuals with foot swelling, mild edema, varicose veins, thrombosis, varicosities and diabetes patients.

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