August 2009


Your Pot of Gold

By David Kopf

How providers can leverage software systems to increase billing efficiency and maximize cash flow.

Diabetes and Wound Care:

Knowledge Is Power

By David Kopf

By fostering a free flow of information between referral partners and patients, HME providers can help ensure prevention and treatment of foot wounds.


Observation Deck

Two Paths, One Result

By Wayne Stanfield

Providers must lobby now, while building long-term relationships for tomorrow.

Funding Fundamentals

Fixing Our Repair Businesses

By Georgie Blackburn

Finding an equitable method for Medicare repairs.

Editor's Note

Creating Options

By David Kopf

Health reform must source coverage from both the private and public sector.


A Smarter Scooter

By David Kopf

Amigo Mobility’s new infrared sensor system helps prevent scooter accidents.

Problem Solvers

Special Delivery: Bed Installation

Delivering beds and support surfaces can be costly. How can providers fine-tune the process?

Product Solutions: Oxygen

By Laura Swift

A selection of some of the versatile oxygen products on the market.

Donning and Doffing Compression Garments

The obstacles patients face when putting on or taking off compression garments and how to overcome them.

HME Business Podcast