Respiratory Management June 2009

Respiratory Management June 2009


CPAP Compliance

Winning at Compliance

By Elisha Bury

Now that providers are five months into the new PAP LCD policy (at press time), Respiratory Management wanted to know: How are providers faring?


Could Losing Sleep Break Hearts?

By Carla Saavedra

Although the link between sleep apnea and cardiovascular problems is well known, recent studies have shed light on just how harmful untreated sleep apnea can be to the heart.


All About Sleep

By Elisha Bury

Welcome to Respiratory Management's first Special Sleep Issue!

Funding Focus

Capturing Compliance Creates More Than Cash

By Kelly Riley

The time for looking closely at therapy compliance is at hand.

Respiratory Solutions

Liquid Oxygen Delivery: Safety & Compliance Considerations

By Andy Shurtleff

If you are transporting, delivering and filling liquid oxygen, how do you know that you are doing so safely and in compliance with applicable guidelines and regulations?

Respiratory Solutions

How to Critically Read a Scientific Paper

By Phillip Dukes

When working in the respiratory field, it's imperative to keep up with the latest research to make sure you are providing the best care for your patients. But how can you know if the research you're reading is relevant to your business practices?

Respiratory Solutions

Evaluating Your Oxygen Business for Efficiencies

By Chris Yessayan

HME respiratory providers are focused on providing the best possible solutions for their patients, which includes product and customer service solutions. In today's challenging reimbursement climate, specifically with the 36-month oxygen cap, understanding all of the costs associated with your business is more important than ever.

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