Respiratory Management April 2009

Respiratory Management April 2009


Inside the Breathing Zone

By Elisha Bury

Many people are familiar with the harmful effects of outdoor air pollution. In metropolitan areas, for example, air quality is color coded to assist those with respiratory sensitivities. Those with allergies and asthma monitor pollen count, and smog is easy to pinpoint. Unfortunately, few people are familiar with the dangers lurking inside their own homes.


Funding Focus

A Silver Lining Amid the Black Clouds of the New Oxygen Policy

By Kelly Riley

Saying there is anything positive in the new oxygen policy is a bit akin to telling someone newly unemployed that they will now receive a few more tax advantages. Nevertheless, with so little positives mentioned, it is important that providers are aware of the few threads that are out there.

What Does Loyalty Mean?

By Elisha Bury

Do your customers get excited to see you?

Provider Perspective

Pacific Pulmonary Services' COO Chris Kane Discusses Oxygen Cap

Respiratory Solutions

Oxygen Transport: The Importance of Safety

By Justin Schuster

While oxygen is of great therapeutic value, it is also highly regulated and can be of extreme danger if not handled correctly.

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