April 2009


Cash Sales Checkup

By David Kopf

What’s the prognosis for HME’s retail revolution in the ‘New Economy?’

A Well Oiled Machine

By David Kopf

How HME providers can optimize inventory operations through technology.


Observation Deck: Six Simple Steps for O&P Success

By Chris Webb-Lacey

Breast prosthetic products and services bring new opportunity to HME providers.

Editor's Note: Unsolicited Advice

By David Kopf

Some dos and don’ts for Sebelius, or whoever finally takes the helm of HHS.


HME Software Inventory Control Features

Nearly all HME software systems provide tools that let providers gain better control of their inventory management.

Opening Lines of Communication

By Carla Saavedra

Addressing the respiratory conditions of bariatric patients takes more than just a CPAP.

Consider Consumer Financing

By David Kopf

Consumer financing might resurface in HME cash sales.

Product Solutions: CPAPs

By Carla Saavedra

A roundup of some of the latest CPAP and related offerings.

HME Business Podcast