Respiratory Management March 2009

Respiratory Management March 2009


Oxygen to Go

By Elisha Bury

Looking to start your own travel oxygen program? Respiratory Management asked the experts to identify the important steps to success.


Respiratory Solutions

Trip to D.C.: $1,000; Town Hall Meetings: Priceless

By Wayne Stanfield

Town hall meetings are often the least attended event for a member of Congress. That fact makes the opportunity priceless for HME providers. Town hall meetings represent the perfect opportunity to meet your congressman in a small, accessible atmosphere.

A Ticket to Fly

By Elisha Bury

Portable oxygen concentrators have been a godsend to patients used to lugging around heavy oxygen tanks and dealing with airlines for supplemental oxygen. Still, a POC has its own hassles that also outpace our typical travel headaches.

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Business Strategies for a Cutting Environment

By Nancy Nunley

Faced with today’s economic challenges, many companies plan not only to contain costs, but to cut costs. The tactic may be to switch to non-delivery oxygen technologies to decrease delivery expenses. Market dynamics and history, however, demonstrate that companies can't cut their way to profitability over the long term. So, what else is there? Growth.

Provider Perspective

Three Providers Talk Travel Oxygen

Providers discuss the nuances of their travel oxygen programs.

Funding Focus

Reimbursement for RAD: What to Remember

By Kelly Riley

HME Business Podcast