Respiratory Management January/February 2009

Respiratory Management Jan/Feb 2009


The Art of Evaluation

By Elisha Bury

Before adding a new technology, it's important to weigh the benefits and risks from all sides: for your business, your staff and your patients. Here are some tips to determine if a new product will meet your needs.


Funding Focus

CMS' Oxygen Policy: Confusion, Chaos and Crisis

By Kelly Riley

Kelly Riley reviews the details of the long-awaited oxygen guidelines for the rental cap.

Respiratory Solutions

How to Reach Congress' Freshman Class

By Wayne Stanfield

With the new Congress about to begin work on legislation that will be passed in the first 100 days, some providers have one unique opportunity to make a difference.


Provider Perspective

Roberts Home Medical Welcomes Japanese Home Care Visitors

Roberts Home Medical Inc., located in Germantown, Md., is a full-line HME business with oxygen and respiratory services. The company has served Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C., since 1977. For more information, visit

Respiratory Solutions

The 'How To' of Marketing New Technology to Physician Referrals

By Jacquelyn McClure

Whether you are introducing a new technology into the marketplace or providing continual follow-up service, relationship building is the most effective technique to support revenue over time.

Letter from the Editor

Are Oxygen Providers an Endangered Species?

By Elisha Bury

With the cuts to oxygen that take effect January 2009, how many oxygen providers will be able to survive?

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