November 2008


Accreditation: Now is the Time

Waiting until the last minute to become accredited is a major no-no.

Who’s right for DME: McCain or Obama?

2009 Funding Forecast

By Lunzeta Brackens


Invacare Crossfire T6A

By Laurie Watanabe

Philips Respironics’ OptiLife with CushionCradle

By Elisha Bury

Decision Time

By David Kopf

Bariatric Bathing Solutions

By Judith L. Seidmeyer


Harmar Puts the Stairlift on a Diet

By David Kopf

Maximizing MPG Through GPS

By David Kopf

Satellite fleet tracking helps HME providers get out from under high gas prices and find new efficiencies.

Not So Conventional Wisdom

By David Kopf

Get the Show on the Road

By Lunzeta Brackens

How to steer consumers in the right direction when they need advice on vehicle modifications.

Podcast with Dr. David White

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