Respiratory Management July/Aug 2007

Respiratory Management July/Aug 2007


Investigating the COPD Patient: Technology Trends to Reimbursement Woes, What Providers Need to Know About This Dynamic Market Segment

By Elisha Bury

Bob McCoy, of Valley Inspired Products, Apple Valley, Minn., calls COPD the Rodney Dangerfield of health care — “COPD gets no respect.”

A Time for Advocacy: What Are You Doing to Protect Your Clients?

By Elisha Bury

Today, it seems that home respiratory care is being hit from all sides. Reimbursement cuts have threatened to limit access for respiratory patients, and several organizations — as well as legislators — have already taken a stand. Many patients may be unaware of these threats to access. That means providers and therapists must get patients involved and step up advocacy efforts. This summer, whether you march to Washington or participate in a community outreach program, here are some opportunities for greater involvement.

The Benefits of Pulmonary Rehab

By Elisha Bury

Pulmonary Rehab has done much to improve the outcomes of oxygen therapy for COPD patients through a multidisciplinary approach to treatment.

What’s Stopping Oxygen Providers from Getting the Most Out of COPD Patient Care?

By Elisha Bury

Ask any oxygen provider to name the biggest challenge in the oxygen segment of respiratory and the obvious answer is reimbursement roadblocks.


Sales Rx: Sales Horse Sense

By Tray Dunaway

I live in the heart of horse country in Camden, S.C. While my personal horse experiences have been limited to exploratory surgeries on unseated riders, I’ve met many individuals in our local horse industry. Of all the horse people I’ve met, Bruce Anderson is one of the most unique.

Dealers Discuss: Jessica McMillan, Respiratory Care Manager, Meriter Home Health

Industry Inspiration: Anne Weiss, Senior Program Officer, Robert Johnson Foundation

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation recently launched the Pediatric Asthma Initiative Web site (, highlighting the work of 14 research teams.

Funding Focus

Factoring in Employee Turnover

By Kelly Riley

Most savvy HME managers can quote their cost of goods as a percentage of revenue, cost per delivery and even revenue generated per FTE. Lately, there’s been a focus on the cost of doing business for all HME organizations, especially for those preparing to bid within the auspices of national competitive bidding and then live with the winning price for three years.

Marketing Mechanics

Managing the Metrics

By Joseph D’Alessandro

Consider a simple return on investment (ROI) scenario. You deposit money into investment accounts, with the expectation that your money will earn an attractive return. You typically know how well your money is performing, and at times you are actively involved in moving your money from poor performing accounts to those that are performing better. In this example, you are simply managing your personal ROI.

Legal Speak

Bracing for Florida Fraud Cases Fallout

By Asela Cuervo

In May, the Department of Justice (DOJ) announced that 38 people had been arrested in the first phase of a targeted enforcement effort against individuals and companies committing fraud against Medicare. The arrests took place in South Florida and were the result of a multi-specialty task force that combines resources from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), including the Office of Inspector General (OIG), the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), the DOJ and the FBI. The targeted individuals and companies included suppliers of DME items and respiratory medications.

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