Respiratory Management January/February 2007

Respiratory Management Jan/Feb 2007


Spotlight on Asthma

Child-Friendly Nebulizers

By Deborah Cooper

A growing trend in the asthma market is the development of child-friendly nebulizers. These are standard nebulizers on the inside, but on the outside they are shaped to appeal to young children. Two manufacturers leading this trend are Medquip and Graham-Fields’s John Bunn line of products.

Turn Your Repair & Maintenance Headaches Into Revenue

By Deborah Cooper

As all the industry knows, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) announced changes to oxygen payments last Nov. 1, 2006. Within the ruling are provisions for the repair and maintenance of equipment. However, there is a gray area concerning what happens after a beneficiary owns the equipment. If transfer of ownership occurs after three years, but the provider is still responsible for equipment maintenance for five years, what happens in between?

The Untold Story of the Respiratory Industry

By Deborah Cooper


Legal Speak

Compliance Housekeeping in 2007

By Asela Cuervo

As the New Year begins, it is worthwhile to review your operations to incorporate new compliance requirements into your business and to anticipate changes that lie ahead. The new requirements include new supplier standards and the accreditation requirement, and changes to oxygen and capped rental equipment reimbursement under the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 (DRA). The Office of Inspector General (OIG) also issued several Advisory Opinions in 2006 that are directly applicable to suppliers. Finally, of course, all suppliers are waiting with some consternation for the final rule on competitive bidding, which remained unpublished as of press time.

Funding Focus

Do You Really Expect Me to Pay for This?

By Kelly Riley

If you ask any person who has to collect accounts receivables whether they would rather collect from an insurance company versus a patient or family member, odds are they will choose the insurance company every time. Collecting for medical expenses is tough. Products and services provided by those in the HME industry are not something generally found on a Christmas or birthday wish list.

Dealers Discuss: Kathy Weiher, Manager, Respiratory and Retail Services, ThedaCare At Home

Industry Inspiration

Even If It’s Wearable, It May Not Be the Right Fit!

By Patrick J. Dunne


Memory Improves After Sleep Apnea Therapy

Cough and Phlegm Cause Fourfold Increase in COPD Incidence

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