September 2000


Professional Development

It's Time to Pay Attention to Our Personnel

Rest Assured

By Nikolay Voutchkov, Melissa Jackson

Manufacturers of CPAP Devices Answer the Needs of Sleep Apnea Patients

COPD Treatment

The Use of Oximetry as a Standard of Care

Medtrade 2000

By David Drab, Patrick J. Sullivan

Where the Healthcare World Does Business

Health-E sites

By Stephen I. Addlestone

Website visitors recommend several health related sites to professional colleagues.

B2B on the Internet: Is it for you?

By George R. Alther, Jackie R. Wimmer

New tools will dramatically change the way companies do business.

Alliances with Internet Sellers and National Marketers

Just because we can doesn't mean we should.

Telehealth and E-Health are Changing the Scope of Health Care

By Nikolay Voutchkov, Melissa Jackson

Advances in technology give health care providers numerous options for patients.

HME Business Podcast