November 2000


Ask The Doctor

By Nikolay Voutchkov, Melissa Jackson

Chronic Disease Care

By Jim McDonald, Clare Coleman

Monitoring System Puts Control Back in Hands of Doctors, Patients

Prognosis is Promising!

By Bill Lozon, Pamela Friedman

A look at issues related to home diagnostic equipment

Advanced Desiccant Solutions Improve Diabetes Diagnostic Kits

By Nancie Hudson, Mark Schmitt

Lab Company Saves Money, Offers New Test for Long Term Control of Disease

The Golden Age of Home Care

By Tony Kobilnyk, Roberta Domos

The Prospective Payment System will untie the hands of home care administrators and give them much greater opportunities to manage and control their destiny.

Taking Control of the Airways

By Nikolay Voutchkov, Melissa Jackson

The importance of developing asthma management plans

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